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Patio Screens

Motorized Patio Screens

Add a touch of magic to your patio! Transform your ordinary outdoor space into an extraordinary outdoor living area. Exterior Shades or Motorized Screens are a fantastic way to enhance your outdoor living space. We can help you block the sun with a manual exterior roller shade or enclose your patio or balcony with a motorized retractable screen. Motorized screens are used to enclose your Patio, Balcony, Garage or Swimming areas from the glaring sun, protection from insects, or just for your enjoyment. We can custom fit any architectural opening for a motorized exterior screen. Our experienced installers will help you select the perfect outdoor shade or screen for your needs and budget.

Exterior Shades

Manual patio shades or also known as exterior shades are a great option for keeping the sun out of your eyes and the flies out of your wine. They come with a continuous loop stainless steel chain for an easy operational clutch system. Manual patio Shades have a wide array of fabrics and colors to choose from including today’s newest exterior design trends.


Motorized Exterior Screens

Motorized Exterior Screens are an exquisite way to add one touch privacy to your outdoor area. We have an array of options from the speed of the retraction to the color and thickness of the fabric. The control options include remote, wall switch, or set on a timer controlled by the sun. We offer different options of motorized shades to fit every budget including the Magna Track system that can withstand winds up to 160mph.